Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2022-05-24


Daniel Brondani
Joachim Krech
Reinhard Keil
Holt Sun
Jaeden Amero
Jonatan Antoni
Maxime Dortel
Evgueni Driouk
Charles Oliveira
Luis Tonicha
Eric Finco
Vincent Grenet
Bill Fletcher




Meeting Notes


JK: No comments so assumed accepted. Need to get rid of duplicate information.

VG: Will contribute to it.


JK: What is the approach for this - any volunteers to look into the subject?

HS: Discussing with the IDE team. Should have details of NXP debug metadata this week.

EF: Direction is ok. Need to look more in depth with our IDE people.

JK: Can we extract some commonality across debuggers/IDEs? I will take the action for Arm.


VG: Makes sense to have this kind of information.

EF: Plan to post a new GitHub proposal for describing available hardware on a board.

VG: Another proposal: warning types. Currently Keil oriented with “Arm Compiler-5-like warnings”. Need to revisit this enum. Is it a good opportunity to add to the yaml schema? It’s a chance to have some toolchain independence.

RK: Had a call with IAR to discuss. Would be good to have a user-friendly high level abstraction

VG: How to inform the user of potential compiler option conflicts.

JK: Maybe we can come up with some ways of expanding it.

VG: May need to set up info on ABI for e.g. FPU usage.


BF: Will check for next week if the meeting can transition to Zoom.


Meeting Recording