Open-CMSIS-PackOpen-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2022-08-30

Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2022-08-30



Evgueni Driouk
Joachim Krech
Bill Fletcher
Silvio Lucio Oliva
Daniel Brondani
Luís Tonicha
Eric Finco
Frédéric Ruellé
David Jurajda
Jaeden Amero
Vincent Grenet
Vincent Grenet
Samuel Hultgren
Mario Pierro
Holt Sun
Kyle Dando


presentation from Arm (Reinhard)

Meeting Notes

Change Board Review

Looking for volunteers to submit PRs for the accepted issues.


FR: ok to do it

DJ: fine with FR’s proposal


EF will send an email to clarify. The proposal does not match the PR any more.


RK: Concern that CMakeLists is not a standard data format.

SH: Agree parsing not as easy as yaml file. Open to either.

RK: Ok to see if can make one file for both use cases?

SH: Think that’s already covered in your proposal.

RK: Seems we have a plan. Will write down the details in the issue.

EF: Do we need an ad hoc discussion.

RK: When we have the format specification can discuss it in the group. Suggest we start iterating on it as the direction is now clear.

Translation Controls

EF: Tarek confirmed he’ll be able to resume his work from this week.

JK: Do we need support from IAR

MP: Confirm IAR still in contact with Tarek. Hope to get some feedback next week.

VG: Tarek wants to update his PR. Finding the commonality between the toolchains is not so obvious.

RK: Have a concern with the abstraction proposed in #179 - if translate everything in -O0 then it’s too big for memory constrained devices.

Pack Generation Presentation

FR: Will this path hinder our capability to go forward with generators and multi-instances for instance ? We need to conclude on generators and instances

Wrap Up

CMSIS-Toolbox 1.1.0 targeted for Sept 6th.

Meeting Recording