Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2022-10-18


Evgueni Driouk

Bill Fletcher

Joachim Krech

Daniel Brondani

David Jurajda

Luís Tonicha

Eric Finco


Vincent Grenet


Samuel Hultgren


Erik Mållberg

Kyle Dando

Holt Sun



Meeting Notes

Confirm decisions

Hosting an example under the Open-CMSIS-Pack organisation

Move specifications under Open-CMSIS-Pack-Spec

How to proceed here? There’s material at different locations.

yaml schemas

cbuild - separate description for yaml cbuild

Will still need to put in work to not be describing implementations

This needs more work - not trivial to break into 2 different repos


Joachim to make a meeting proposal

#224 PR #492

Continue to release unsigned binaries

For Review



Feedback on project structure

What’s missing at the moment is the TF-M part

Looking at how to support the TF-M implementation


Means a naming convention is required


What does backwards compatibility mean?

Should some features be deprecated?

Scope of a “Solution” #450

Is a kind of consistency check needed at an upper level?

Check that the platform/device is consistent with the processors.

Device specifies P-names. If it’s not present would expect an error.

P-name should be identical across the whole family.

P-name specified at cproject level.

Still digesting the proposal. Where is the SPI NOR flash defined?

In context-info

Seems like we are 'mapping an apple to a fruit basket. Assigned build types are basically an alias. Will write a comment. Think we should do something simpler.

Meeting Recording