Open-CMSIS-PackOpen-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2023-01-17

Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2023-01-17


David Jurajda

Evgueni Driouk

Bill Fletcher

Daniel Brondani

Joachim Krech

Jonatan Antoni


Luís Tonicha

Erik Mållberg

Will Lord

Reinhard Keil

Frédéric Ruellé

Eric Finco

Vincent Grenet


Vincent Grenet

Holt Sun

Kyle Dando






Meeting Notes

Feedback on Linker Scripts #655

RK: think we have to implement this and try it in practice

EF: On ST’s side we have a solution. Don’t see that this conflicts.

C Startup Code

RK: Applies to very few devices. Need to dig deeper into this problem. It’s not completely solved.

For Review

JK: Need another decision committee to clear up the backlog

[Action BillF to schedule the committee meeting]


RK: May take a while to transition all boards


RK: There is a process to add new compilers to CMSIS-toolbox.

JK/DB: It should work except for the schema check

VG: It’s working today.

RK: Company wanting to add their compiler could make a pull request to the schema.


MD: Why should we skip this?

JK: We said it was an optional feature when we added it

EF: This plus #173, #174 have been pushed by ST. Would like to introduce the idea of a hardware project and will come with a more detailed proposal.


RK: What would be the default?

WL: There’s been no discussion on what would be the default.

RK: Suggest to specify the top image is the default





RK: Agree this would be good practice. Was a problem with the AWS packs. Can document it but would not make it mandatory. Maybe should review the repository where the process is defined and add documentation

KD: Want to know the source of the packs. If the pdsc isn’t in the repo we don’t know where they generated it from.

Are We able to link multiple cprojects into the build process?

VG: OK (pragmatic)




EF: Just for information or you consider it will be used.

RK: Just for information - basically documentation.

JK: Plan to put into CMSIS-toolbox: 2.0

Meeting Recording