Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2023-05-16


Joachim Krech

Evgueni Driouk

Teo Mahnic

Christopher Seidl

Robert Rostohar

Erik Mållberg

Daniel Brondani

Bill Fletcher

Reinhard Keil


Jonatan Antoni

Sourabh Mehta

Samuel Hultgren

Eric Finco

Frédéric Ruellé

David Jurajda

Kyle Dando

Brenda Zhuang


 Meeting slides:

Arm presentation:

Meeting Notes

CI Test Process

EF: For gathering statistics assume there is some agent or other code overhead added to instrument the execution?

RK: Yes, it’s called “event recorder” (2kB size) and it gathers statistics. Don’t believe the overhead is significant during developing generic code. Can take it out and optimise subsequently

FR: How to leverage in an existing GH repository?

RK: Either use deployment in an AMI (AWS image) or use GH actions. GH has created a machine image SaaS.

EF: Has there been a change of AVH version?

RK There are two versions - Correllium version simulates entire device. FVP models are for Cortex-M.


No meeting on 23rd May

Final call to review csolution YAML input documentation - no further breaking format changes expected from now on -

  • e.g.: output, access sequences, cdefault

Meeting Recording