Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2023-05-02


Joachim Krech
Reinhard Keil
Daniel Brondani
David Jurajda
Christopher Seidl
Matthew Gordon
Vincent Grenet
Eric Finco
Frédéric Ruellé
Evgueni Driouk
Mike Susen
Kyle Dando


Presentation by Arm:

Meeting Notes

Topic of the meeting: “Generating Device and boards Support Packs (DFP / BSP)

Slide 6 provides links to documentation, examples, recommendations for DFPs and BSPs

a) Hands-on: Device Family Pack (DFP)
b) Hands-on: Board Support Pack (BSP)


Demo (Daniel) introducing:
- linker pre-processing as a pre-link step:


Action List:
Request for feedback on Linker Script Management:
- suggestions and proposals wanted for multi-core and TrustZone projects with secure and non-secure projects

Harmonizing the use of toolchains and debuggers:
- csolution project import by existing toolchains
- can csolution run in the background to share linker script management without creating duplication
- can we establish unified flash programming algorithms to be used by debuggers
- can we drive adoption of debug sequences across debuggers?

Harmonize software packs and interfaces
- collaborate on common packs for software stacks like LwIP and FreeRTOS avoiding duplication of effort and fragmentation.


CMSIS-Toolbox focus next week’s meeting 9th May 2023

CI test process for validation of reference applications 16th May 2023

No meeting planned May 23rd 2023

Meeting Recording