Open-CMSIS-PackOpen-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2023-05-30

Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2023-05-30


Evgueni Driouk
Bill Fletcher
Sourabh Mehta
Joachim Krech
Erik Mållberg
Reinhard Keil
Matthew Gordon
Daniel Brondani
Frédéric Ruellé
David Jurajda
Eric Finco
Samuel Hultgren
Vincent Grenet
Holt Sun


 Meeting Slides:

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Meeting Notes

  • cmsis-toolbox 2.0.0-dev0

    • released on Thursday 24th May 2023

    • Daniel walks through the list of incompatible YAML Input format changes and new features

    • Action: Please give this version a trial and adopt existing projects to the new schema, please provide feedback on inconsistencies between the documentation and the implementation ASAP.

  • Topics to review

    • [spec] Add environment element at `boards` and `components` level #230

    • [spec] Add condition attribute to `device`, `board` and `part` elements #236

    • [spec] Pre_Include_Global.h is not included for assembler files #229

    • [spec] Re-running generators and dry-run mode - Proposal #206 - still in scope?

      • STMicroelectronics - specification is in scope / implementation tentatively for 2.1.0

    • [csolution] Improve predictability of `pack:` names #941

  • CMSIS-Pack conditions explained

    • a condition consists of expressions (require, accept, deny)

    • expressions can be from 4 different domains D (device and processor filter), B (board filter), T (toolchain filter), C (component dependency) or a reference to another condition.

    • multiple expressions are combined where require ~ AND, accept ~ OR and deny ~ NOT

    • HOWEVER: the processing of filtering and dependencies does happen independently:

      • Filtered list of components matching context (B, D, T):
        `csolution mysol.csolution.yml -c myproj.debug+avh list components`

      • List of dependencies raised by selected components:
        `csolution mysol.csolution.yml -c myproj.debug+avh list dependencies`

  • Wrap up:

    • cmsis-toolbox 2.0.0-dev1 is targeted for 2023-06-16 - reaching feature completeness

    • … defect fixing

    • cmsis-toolbox 2.0.0 is targeted for 2023-06-30 - release

    • Next meeting next Tuesday 2023-06-06 - focus on cmsis-toolbox 2.0.0 issues and start 2.1.0 planning

Meeting Recording