Open-CMSIS-PackOpen-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2023-02-21

Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2023-02-21


Joachim Krech

Bill Fletcher

Daniel Brondani


Evgueni Driouk

Luís Tonicha

David Jurajda

Reinhard Keil

Eric Finco


Vincent Grenet

Samuel Hultgren

Holt Sun

Kyle Dando




Meeting Notes

Reference Application Framework (Reinhard)

EF: Is the API concept using the existing API element

RK: Yes, there is nothing new. Just describe the compatibility between the layers. Can also use the components without the csolution system.

EF: Is there something equivalent to the IDX for the layers?

RK: Can have a local repository for layers. Csolution tool has the command ‘list layers’ which lists the compatible layers.

JK: Haven’t solved which packs someone needs to download for certain layers.

RK: Need to explain how layers are composed - with template projects and an example so people get it. Will needs to explain the process to allow people to create layers for custom hardware (hardware extensions)

EF: ST is thinking of board projects. Why did you select layers rather than a project? Specifically for the hardware part.

RK: The hardware is exposed as a layer to allow retargetting.


#82 ST proposal

RK : it’s the IDE support that matters and need to align with the IDE team working on the VSCode concept.

EF: Why do you think it could compete?

RK: It conflicts with the way the IDE shows the file tree.

VG: Seems a conflict between a pure filesystem view or a dedicated view.

RK: Upward compatible and can be added in Toolbox 2.1. First we wanted to see the IDE implementation.

VG: It’s how uvision is working vs how Eclipse is working

DJ: Internally we are allowing both approaches

ED: Can spot problems e.g. (i) if you are pointing to a huge network drive, (ii) challenging to manage per file options.

VG: Have very few users who are adding per file options.


RK: This is a bug. Need to mark it and track it based on the schedule I get back. We can’t solve it on the call.

SH: Think the best thing we can do is ignore it rather than error out. It’s different if you have a missing file. Clear error if the file is missing. Is the format open to support any project structure?


DB: We need to answer the questions listed here.


Meeting Recording