Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2022-02-01


Feb 1, 2022


Joe Alderson
Kyle Dando
Maxime Dortel
Evgueni Driouk
Mark Edgeworth
Eric Finco
Bill Fletcher
Graham Hammond
Reinhard Keil
Joachim Krech
Will Lord
Laurent Meunier
Charles Oliveira
cartu38 opendev
Frederic Ruelle
Sophie Williams
Ben McMorran
Daniel Brondani
David Jurajda
Marc Goodner
Sourabh Mehta



FR: If already have a pack, can I skip this?

DB: Absolutely

FR: Are local packs supported?

DB: Yes

FR: Fixed dependency with startup and cstartup?

DB: It’s a variant - cstartup is the variant and the separator is '&'

FR: Previously you concatenated yaml file with name of the device etc etc. Is there only one option here?

DB: Yes. This is the simplified flow. Will show the concatenation later.

FR: Can’t prevent the tool from generating all possibilities - what if I’m only interested in debug?

RK: Does it always generate all project files?

DB: It should only generate debug.

FR: -o build merges from different layers?

DB: May have config files in different directories. Need to be in the same folder so doing that with this option - to point to the path (out of tree build)

MG: cmake.lists is a temporary file

DB: Yes.

MG: Nothing in the intermediate file would get checked in so need all of these tools in a CI?

DB: Yes. Can check in .cprj to know the versions

BM: After cmake.lists is generated is it possible to create it again from the command line?

DB: Yes