Open-CMSIS-PackOpen-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2022-11-29

Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2022-11-29


Joachim Krech

Bill Fletcher

Erik Mållberg


Luís Tonicha

Silvio Lucio Oliva

David Jurajda

Daniel Brondani

Samuel Hultgren

Mario Pierro

Frédéric Ruellé

Graham Hammond

Evgueni Driouk

Eric Finco

Vincent Grenet

Mario Pierro

Reed Hinkel

Kyle Dando




Meeting Notes

Topics from STMicroelectronics:

Alternative to *.CPRJ + Proposal for Pack Lockfile #434

New section - generator input files. Place all the PDSC files here.

Can use an additional attribute. It is not clear - do we need this information in the PDSC?

On the component you give the attribute ‘generator’.

Why do you need it?

Want to avoid parsing the PDSC.

2 ways to represent it - generator output or make a file distinction.

Generator input contains all files regardless of category.

Working directory, path arguments missing and can be context specific. Want to explictly put this information into the yaml file. Extend the generator node to include all this information.

Could we agree next steps? Maybe we can have a call together to discuss.

Add a new property for origin for files.

In the PLM have the base and update suffix.

PLM implemented to avoid describing anything in the other files. It’s format independent.

What’s the usecase - when would you need the information about the origin?

Have one file you care about and other files to support the update. Looks a bit messy.

How can we support a 3 way merge?

No easy way to find the pack that brings the base version.

Let’s continue in the issue …

CMSIS-Pack generator component concept -proposal #104

When do we need to run the generator?

Expectation that the generator runs when there’s a change. Skeptical if there’s a hidden change.

Have the restriction to run generators in cloud IDEs.

Specify additional things in PDSC - if this changes - re-run the generator.

Change Board

#168 CMSIS-Pack extensions for Generator Concept

#173 Taxonomy Proposal

For Review/Pending


Meeting Recording