Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2022-11-08


Joachim Krech


Daniel Brondani

David Jurajda

Luís Tonicha

Evgueni Driouk

Frédéric Ruellé

Jaeden Amero


Vincent Grenet

Samuel Hultgren

Erik Mållberg

Luís Tonicha

Kyle Dando

Holt Sun




Meeting Notes

Priorities as we see them today:

Action all: Review slide content and prepare feedback for the next TM (2022-11-15)

Send feedback to:

Pack Specification Change Board:

CMSIS-Pack extensions for existing Generator Concept #168

Action all: review above change request

Action Bill: setup meeting for Decision Committee meeting for Monday next week

Add project path attribute to component file element PR167 → clarified, merged right after meeting

For Review:

Dual-Core Reference Example → see:

  • Solution specifies target-type using board or device. Projects are specific for one processor instance (PDSC device description Pname) specified in device

Local support in cproject.yml for build-type / target-type #450 - Action Joachim: add modified example csolution file to issue.

Optional RTE creation PR #432 - pending change requests - ongoing

Add ldcflag and ldcxxflag support #492 - PR merged and completed

Proposals for layers and Proposals for interface
Action all: review and provide feedback

Handle component selection/removal #466

  • summary from dedicated technical meeting

  • proposed extension: in addition to components node have components-auto and components-choice

  • Action all: Provide feedback regarding proposal and priority of introducing it. Note csolution does not resolve dependencies and would treat components from all nodes the same.

CMSIS-Toolbox 1.3.0

  • targeted for Nov 14th 2022

  • default cmsis pack repository directory and introduction of toolchain variable support are aimed at simplifying the ‘setup’ of the tools and interoperability with installers like vcpkg.

Meeting Recording