Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2022-03-22


Mar 22, 2022


Daniel Brondani
Kyle Dando
Maxime Dortel
Evgueni Driouk
Eric Finco
Bill Fletcher
Vincent GRENET
Graham Hammond
Joachim Krech
Charles Oliveira
Frederic Ruelle
Holt Sun
Bartek Szatkowski
Cristian Tepus
David Jurajda
Marc Goodner
Petr Hradsky
Sourabh Mehta




Meeting Notes

Updates from last 2 weeks


DB: out of source tree, cprj generation approach is different. Merging information from layers means copying information to an intermediate directory. Would use same approach for single and multiple project context. Action to update (VG/DB)


DJ: Concerned the behaviour is not standardised.

FR: Is it a mandatory feature?

#105 (new issue)

GH: Sharing projects and projects being consumed by different tools.

FR: Debate internally at ST. Discussion about a lock file. Reproducibility via some other artefact.


FR: Would be good to locate the tool locally. Registry key is not a strong solution (not for MacOS, Linux), just a way to find the tool behind a server.


EF: Looking for feedback on this issue.

Update on cmsis-toolbox, csolution, cbuild

Update on cpackget


Meeting Recording



15th March CMSIS Meeting Recording and slides