Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2022-10-11


Sourabh Mehta
Joachim Krech
David Jurajda
Evgueni Driouk
Daniel Brondani
Luís Tonicha
Erik Mållberg
Bill Fletcher
Luís Tonicha
Samuel Hultgren
Frédéric Ruellé
Kyle Dando
Reed Hinkel
Holt Sun



Meeting Notes

#95 “Alternative paths … “

Kyle checked with Holt. Will start work on the PR (asasigned to Holt).

Do people agree to separating specification from implementation?

Yes (Fred, Samuel)

Yes - separate but in the same repo (Kyle)

Must not frighten the potential customers - the split helps for newcomers that just want to use it.

#371 Optional RTE Creation

Please join the discussion in the PR if interested.

#224 C and C++ Linker Flags Support

All the flags will be separated. If the user doesn’t want to distinguish flags the alternative proposal it to have common flags defined so they don’t need to be duplicated.

Could look at consistency with compiler flags - but have flags for asm, c, c++, fortran(!) but just one linker.

a), b) & c) are different usecases. Not forcing anything. Would like people to vote before proceeding.

If we combine flags the ordering is important.

#466 Best Way to Handle Components Selection/Removal

Wondering if this needs a dedicated call (action JK).

Feedback on Project Structure (MQTT Demo)

NXP will discuss internally tomorrow

#506 Embed XML validation

FR will check with a colleague.

Delivery of Binaries

Should the project produced signed pre-built binaries? Generally for open source projects if you want to know the provenance of a binary, then you should built it from source. In the Windows and Mac ecosystem there’s more of an expectation for downloadable binaries and a requirement for binary executables to be signed by a known publisher. If this is required the implication is that a legal entity (Linaro) applies for a certificate and to be be the publisher of the binaries.

All inputs appreciated.

Update on CMSIS-Toolbox

Version 1.2.0 (cpackget 0.8.1)


#450 Local Support in cproject.yml

NXP would like to get more attention on this csolution vs cproject - to try to make cproject more generic.

Request for all to please make proposals/comments


Meeting Recording