Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2022-02-15


Feb 15, 2022


Joe Alderson

Jonatan Antoni

Daniel Brondani

Evgueni Driouk

Eric Finco

Bill Fletcher

Vincent GRENET

Reinhard Keil

Joachim Krech

Will Lord

Laurent Meunier

Frederic Ruelle

Sophie Williams

David Jurajda

Erik Lundin

Marc Goodner




RK: (Issue #81) The project name is not responsible to provide the meta information.

JA: Support having a more free-form name as a tag.


ED: the Arm compiler uses scatter file. For gcc, can have several linker scripts.

RK: This needs more thinking.

VG: Relying on the extension is a bit weak. Would like to add something in the yaml

FR: Already have layers to add the specific scatter file if we need to. The layer takes precedence over the component.

VG: Would want to make it more explicit which files are linker scripts

FR: Maybe a kind of priority list.

DJ: Trying to replicate one of our demos. Added scatter option directly into the yaml rather than selecting it in the dropdown. Should we handle this as a variant.

JK: Not ideal to list all scatter files as config files.

RK: Maybe go under target type.

FR: Board definition comes from pdsc?

DB: Yes.

CMSIS Project Manager - prioritized ToDo list

LM: Expect if pack is missing, may explain to the user and install it. Need to understand if the pack is missing from the required path

JK: Like ‘file not found’ for any file in the project.

EF: Forsee the possibility to use phase keyword?

RK: Yes, eg in boot phase

CMSIS Annual Update Meeting (Virtual/Webinar)
March 15th 2022
Please confirm attendance in advance by e-mail

Note: no Open-CMSIS-Pack technical meeting on that date.