Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2022-02-22


Feb 22, 2022


Jonatan Antoni

Evgueni Driouk

Eric Finco

Bill Fletcher

Vincent GRENET

Reinhard Keil

Joachim Krech

Laurent Meunier

Frederic Ruelle

Daniel Brondani

David Jurajda





Updates from past week

DJ created issues:

  • Command to delete intermediate files #143

  • Command to list boards #141

  • Tool config data #142

Just to share - not high priority tasks.

DB: Need to keep separation of concerns for tools

RK: Need to bring the tools together - at the moment they’re a bit separated.

FR: csolution anc cpakcget should not be merged, but csolution should call cpackget service for listing the packs

RK: Did mark a couple of issues as “discussion done” as feel they are concluded. Please take a look whoever raised them - feel we should close.

FR: #86 - fine with me.

JK: Will be pragmatic initially - can revisit. Action is for people to look at the issues they raised.

Csolution demo


I guess csolution can handle several components from several packs with several generators ?

I guess the next step for csolution is to have the dependencies solver ?

this is also a good idea for debugging

at least now we know the context when the generator is invoked

LM: yaml file is input to the generator but called from component rather than project.

JK: Somewhere it needs to be clear the component that’s triggering the generator.

FR: Unique generator IDs across packs is very interesting.

RK: How is the workflow with NXP today? Is NXP exploring the generator feature as well?

DJ: Not yet. Have config tools that are able to deliver generated code. Tools are designed for Eclipse environment.

FR: Handled dependencies manually. Are you planning to include a dependencies resolver?

DB: It could be a flag in the convert command or to write it back into the yaml file. Think these are the two options.

RK: Get the point that there’s work to do here.

Release Plans

DB: Still in some internal reviews. Would like to align all the list commands with list generators. Would like to work over a project and over a solution with a given context. Check releases page on Thursday.

CMSIS Project Manager - priorititized ToDo list

FR: the problem I have with phase is when it is not sequential but concurrent : secure vs non-secure run in // but it is 2 zones with 2 sets of resources

FR: #87 - express preference for JSON

RK: Is yaml the right choice? Could we support both formats?

ED: Yes we can. More an issue of composing the data.

RK: Will make a proposal for the RZone data. There are probably conversion tools that are fairly simple.