Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2022-09-27


Joachim Krech
Bill Fletcher
Daniel Brondani
Michael Quested
Eric Finco
Luís Tonicha
Matthew Gordon
Evgueni Driouk
Joe Alderson
Erik Mållberg
David Jurajda
Vincent Grenet
Rob Moran
Reed Hinkel
Holt Sun




Meeting Notes

Change Boards

Open-CMSIS-Pack Specification Change Board

#112 → Done

Solution Specification Change Board

#335 (no progress)

#82 (no progress)

For Review


DJ: Summary from FR is aligned. Feel first 2 component types from list of 3 are the same. Could just be 2 types.

JK: Code that is primary business logic may not be a (primary) component. Next level down is the immediate level of (primary) dependency.

DJ: Need to confirm this with tools behaviour.


EF: Need to revisit this one when the logfile discussion has been completed.

CBuild Output Files

JK: Don’t need to get any information from the csolution file.

HS: Do we still support cprj if we have the cbuild.yaml file?

JK: I would say yes. It would take too much resources. Not immediate priority.

HS: Seems the yaml file can replace the CPrj.

Demo - VS Extensions

JA: Extensions are available as previews in ‘Marketplace’


EF: Demo project described last week uses TF-M Pack. Can this be demonstrated by scripts in

RK: Local copy but it will get upstreamed.

EF: In the future it will always be possible to generate a TF-M pack?

RK: That’s the long term plan. Working to get the structure correct.

Meeting Recording