Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2022-10-04


Joachim Krech
Daniel Brondani
Luís Tonicha
David Jurajda
Eric Finco
Erik Mållberg
Mario Pierro
Kyle Dando





Meeting Notes

Pack Specification Change Board:

  • no updates compared to previous week

  • ToDo:

    • #126 and #25 - ToDo Joachim (Arm)

    • #95 - ToDo Holt (NXP)

    • #134 - ToDo Reinhard (Arm)

  • Any additional change requests, please contact

For Review:

#466 has new comment - postpone discussion to give people more time to form opinion / create proposal

#157 Eric to ask Fred to review and comment whether he is satisfied and the issue can be closed

Review directory structure of layered projects - example: AWS_MQTT_MutualAuth_Demo

  • action Joachim: move example to Open-CMSIS-Pack organization

#506 Request for contribution to the packchk - adding a schema check of the PDSC under test as initial validation step of the tool, linking a suitable C++ XML library (to be identified). Please step forward in the issue

Usual request to get issues closed by the reporter once they are ready. Especially closed defects shall be validated against latest versions of the tools.

Generator Concept - skipped - group needs more time to review proposal


  • v 1.2.0 targeted for Oct. 11th 2022

Mario (IAR) asked for help testing the IAR Compiler support in cbuild - Daniel (Arm) took the action to provide pointers to existing tests

=> cbuild generation of CMakeLists.txt is compiler agnostic - all compiler specific mapping takes place in <compiler>.<version>.cmake file in the $CMSIS_COMPILER_ROOT directory.

=> validation approach needs to look at effective tools command-line. Eg. based on 'ninja' files or similar CMake intermediate output.

Next Meeting: same time next week Oct. 11th 2022 16:00 CET

Meeting Recording