Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2022-01-11


Jan 11, 2022


Joe Alderson

Maxime Dortel

Mark Edgeworth

Eric Finco

Bill Fletcher

Graham Hammond

Reinhard Keil

Joachim Krech

Laurent Meunier

Charles Oliveira

Frederic Ruelle

Daniel Brondani

David Jurajda

Marc Goodner



Activities from Past Weeks

FR: PR#63: think it’s a good way forward

JK: Should we go with first PR or modify - if modify then who would edit it?

RK: Take as an action for next week.

FR: No issue with handlebars: - started with a-zone file.

RK: For handlebars - r-zone file is the resources, a-zone file is how they are used. f-zone file generated and is input for handlebars.

FR: So only need knowledge of a-zone and r-zone file. f-zone is generated?

RK: Yes. a-zone file will be replaced by yaml file.

FR: Should focus on content of a-zone where we need to introduce additional contents.

EF: f-zone is a production artefact?

RK: Yes (“F” means Freemarker input). Temporary file and can be deleted.

FR: Digital Signing: Maybe need to clarify usecases based on digital signing e.g revocation.

Project Manager - Specification

EF: Can we have several RTE folders?

RK: Yes - they would be target specific

LM: Version in discussion is still in Daniel’s account - not yet merged. Is the discussion closed on naming RTE vs layer or a variable that could be renamed

RK: Had to start somewhere. Can propose a configuration option.

LM: <RTE> allows for possible customisation

FR: What if want to deliver my own component and settings - no way to do it at component level?

RK: 3rd party component can have own config file. When you copy the component you have the original file and the config version. When you get a new version of pack can inform you there’s a new version of the config file.

FR: Follow the intention for project as a deliverable. Just want to say I have a dependency on a component and want to deliver the configuration with it.

RK: This is exactly what layers are for.

LM: What happens in the case of downgrading component versions?

RK: At the moment the situation is based on upgrade but downgrading is possible

JK: Downgrading and then upgrading would lose information. Depends on how far you want to go with full file history.

EF: Does it allow managing different instances of the same component?

JK: Not able to have different instances with different versions. Would be four files. Each component would have the reference configuration plus their own configuration.

JK: Benefits of the approach: 3-way merge, removing need for version information - it’s fully with the files.

RK: And all other options are ugly.

JK: Please provide feedback.