Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2022-09-20


Erik Mållberg

Daniel Brondani

Joachim Krech

David Jurajda



Eric Finco

Vincent Grenet

Luís Tonicha


Evgueni Driouk

Daniel Brondani

Holt Sun

Kyle Dando




Meeting Notes

Pack Specification Change Board:

#144 accepted → PR #147 merged → status: Done

#112 review feedback (David) in favor of PR154 (attribute setting “never” preferred over “undesireable”)

Feedback Generator Concept:

skipped - people need more time to review consequences of the proposed changes

For Review:

#351 rejected - can be solved differently + nice to have → update documentation and schema to restrict attribute “define” to a single macro

#466 no progress - people are asked to make time to review

#450 agreed to park and restart based on complex csolution examples. Concerns are over growing complexity vs. essential reuse and mapping of existing use case scenarios

#76 → strongly linked to generator - therefore parked

Documentation updated to address:

#128, #142, #330, #156, #412, #313

=> implementation in csolution to catch up.

#157 Fred to confirm that doubts are “removed”

Updated documentation to clarify “Cvariant being optional”.

#296 discussed in more detail with Holt explaining the use case

=> adding a list of “modified” config files to the *cproject.yml and *clayer.yml is seen as a heavy burden on the maintainer

=> interim suggestion is to run csolution to generate *.cbuild.yml for tools to identify config files and their modifications

=> alternatively a tool could search for <filename>.current.@* files to identify configuration files in the project and then run a diff between the config file base and the corresponding <filename> file. If they differ, this file got modified.

#352 got clarified that any `csolution list` command shall have an optional output in a machine readable format (json file) to avoid tool integrations to require to parse freeform output.

#224 clarified ‘owner’ of the implementation by linking PR492 by Yves Linaro/NXP

IoT Worshop Examples

Presented by Reinhard.

These Examples, their use cases and their evolution will be used to guide specification and implementation decisions over the coming months.

A first version of the outlined examples to be available in about 2 weeks time

A decision has been made to store the example solution projects and layers in repositories github of the Open-CMSIS-Pack organization.


Meeting Recording