Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2023-03-21


Joachim Krech

Vincent Grenet

Evgueni Driouk

Reinhard Keil

Eric Finco

Bill Fletcher

David Jurajda

Samuel Hultgren

Erik Mållberg


Kyle Dando




Meeting Notes


CMSIS Toolbox 2.0

#799 Phantom “Target_1” expected in RTE

SH: Project name is no longer part of the context?

JK: Not mentioned since 1.5.0

RK: Be more strict and always require a target type?

JK: Required if you have a csolution

SH: Means 1.4.0 and 1.5.0 are not compatible

JK: Yes - it’s in the release notes. More people update RTE so they don’t notice it.

SH: Have some comments - may open another issue.

#796 Incorrect $Output$ when using access sequences

#801 Allow to specify the output artifact cmse library for secure projects

ED: Why do we use a backslash

JK: Need to make it a forwardslash (not intentional)

SH: What’s the priority?

JK: cproject wins

#774 enforced component selection using extended component identifier

RK: Would apply standard filter technology. Usecase is specific for ST with an incomplete project.

SH: Need to be able to force a specific component but evaluate the conditions for all the files in the component.

JK: Run the evaluation and see if the condition checking bales out.

ED: When do we issue the warning?

SH: Say we always evaluate conditions on files.

#207 .GPDSC location clarification

SH: Concept of working directory is a bit unclear. Should be a clear signal where the generator should place the files

RK: Maybe rename to output directory

SH: .GPDSC file always assumed in output directory?

RK: Possible name is generator output directory for all outputs

SH: Will try to create a table.

Not sure if it’s good to combine generator stuff with RTE stuff.


Meeting Recording