Open-CMSIS-PackOpen-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2023-05-09

Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2023-05-09


Joachim Krech

Daniel Brondani

Erik Mållberg

David Jurajda

Bill Fletcher

Reinhard Keil

Eric Finco


Samuel Hultgren

Matthew Gordon

Vincent Grenet

Holt Sun

Kyle Dando




Meeting Notes

Gaps to close for CMSIS-Toolbox

#822 consistent command line options (cbuild, csolution)

#896 Introduce context-set:

#854 CBuild --context command should have more flexiblity

#823 Allow to specify more then one context for csolution and cbuild

#824 Use the term context consistently, Context management in IDE

EF: Why not describing this only in the csolution?

RK: Using the command line one can change the context. A file in the repository is used by different programmers and they might require different contexts.

JK: A context manager could create a set of contexts.

RK: Context set is stored in cbuild.yml. It’s selectable by commandline only.

DB: Score is for debug and flash?

RK: Doesn’t makes sense to build configurations that aren’t targetting flash download. Otherwise the number of images/configurations explodes.

DB: Propose the other way around - have the context set in the csolution.yml

RK: This is Eric’s proposal. You force each user to use the same context set.

DB: Could have multiple context sets

RK: Willing to explore this. Not sure if it can be added at a later point in the project after understanding how the IDE would access it.

HS: We need a context map for our multi project set up.


#895 Rework output: and output-type: node

JK: Do we have conflicting requirements vs IAR IDE? Can’t use same linker script.

HS: Yes. Think this is similar for other vendors. Expectation is to migrate without any update.

RK Proposal makes the product simpler and easier to understand (see RK’s comment).


#880 Implement generator-dir: and $GeneratorId$

RK: Finalize use cases before explore the search order

#894 Implement proposal for Access Sequences

#841 cdefault.yml, map file

#879 Question on Processor Options fpu: and endian:

#898 What are requirements for RTE directory configuration?

#727 [csolution] Add command dedicated for solution configuration

Meeting Recording