Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2023-01-31


Joachim Krech

Robert Rostohar

Luís Tonicha

Evgueni Driouk

Erik Mållberg

Samuel Hultgren

Daniel Brondani

Bill Fletcher

David Jurajda

Frédéric Ruellé

Reinhard Keil


Vincent Grenet


Holt Sun





Meeting Notes

Software Framework using Layers

RK: Would be good to explain the hardware setup

RR: Development board with Arduino sensor shields

FR: How to jump from $shield_layer to the shield layer?

RR: Flow is to figure out which is compatible and define the variable in the solution file.


FR: Want to describe upper (sensor and bus) and lower interfaces (way to plug - pin) of the shield.

FR: 'Alternate' could be any pin, rather than just the standardized interfaces.

RR: Arduino specifies ‘alternate’ for e.g. i2c.

FR: It works as long as it sticks to the Arduino definitions.

RR: Yes, there are no NXP specifics here.


FR: Intention is whatever is close to the hardware (system) is provided by the layer. Someone working at application level is not expected to rework the (system-level) layer.

RR: Can modify it but defeating the scalability. If it meets the needs can focus on the application.


CMSIS-Toolbox 2.0


For Review


JK: How many of these components are we expecting?

FR: hundreds

JK: In IDEs we have drop down, but can’t imagine scrolling through hundreds

FR: UI may be done differently. You think that bundles would be just shifting the problem.

JK: Having a cclass where you could group them maybe

ED: Any component must have cclass and cgroup.



VG: Still have compiler version controlled via YAML files.#117


Agreed specification changes: #701, #702, #703


Meeting Recording