Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2023-02-14


Wilfried Chauveau

Sourabh Mehta

Evgueni Driouk

Joachim Krech

Luís Tonicha

Daniel Brondani


Bill Fletcher

Eric Finco (ST)

David Jurajda

Reinhard Keil

Vincent Grenet

Mario Pierro

Vincent Grenet

Kyle Dando




Meeting Notes

CMSIS-Toolbox 2.0

EF: Have internal discussion on this. May come back at the end of the week.

Demo (Sourabh) cbuild tool


#210 How is DEPRECATED indication handled

EF: What change will it cause?

ED: Issue an error




JK: Within 1 pack only?

RK: In theory it could be across packs.



RK: May add a new attribute to a condition. Tools that don’t understand it (older tools) skip the attribute. Would not consider this a bug.



DB: At first sight it seems a bug

Generator Topic: Priorities

Generator open issues: #202 #205 #206 #207 #722

CMSIS-Toolbox 2.0.0

EF: Would like a review of all the items that are planned to be removed.

Meeting Recording