Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2023-03-28


Evgueni Driouk

Joachim Krech


Frédéric Ruellé

Bill Fletcher


Reinhard Keil

Holt Sun

Kyle Dando




Meeting Notes

#808 [projmgr] add support for toolchain agnostic pre-include files in YAML Input files

Tag for 2.1

#807 csolution convert does not warn about outdated config files

#53 fails with no RTE folder

#166 issue with certificate

FR: Message was about the date, not the name. Is cpackget collecting the right information. Do we want to allow people to have self-signed certificates?

#217 How to put conditions to select a file according to hardware features?

JK: Device features are only for search and display purposes

FR: Recommendation - integrate link to hardware description.

#207 .GPDSC location clarification

#796 Incorrect $Output$ when using access sequences

RK: Inconsistencies?

JK: Different forwarding of output parameters to the tools

#190 keep *.pdsc file in software repository, for tracking under version control together with code

JK: More work to do on documentation side

FR: New issue on VSCode extension - defining debug and flash task. Cannot indicate a PDSC with the pack installed. Have to keep pack on disc.

RK: Raise this as an issue.

FR: No spec today for the tooling part - only the reference tools. Is there a plan to have a tool spec?

RK: The tools are the implementation of the pack system. We have no plans to describe an implementation-independent spec. We will produce a user manual. We’re not intending to harmonize the behaviour.

Meeting Recording