Open-CMSIS-Pack Technical Meeting 2021-10-26


Oct 26, 2021


Joe Alderson

Jonatan Antoni

Maxime Dortel

Eric Finco

Bill Fletcher

Graham Hammond

Samuel Hultgren

Reinhard Keil

Martin Kojtal

Joachim Krech

Laurent Meunier

Charles Oliveira

Frederic Ruelle

Daniel Brondani

David Jurajda (NXP)

Robert Walton



CMSIS Pack Documentation

EF: Is the original documentation on Keil side now “read-only”?

JK: Yes

FR: Where is the glossary?

JK: Should consider making it easier to contribute to - as a MD file if that’s feasible

JA: Did this in the former Shadowfax files

JK: Should also capture the architectural decisions

[actions for Jonatan]

FR: Still plan to review the glossary

JK: Yes, once we have moved it will be easier

Component Syntax (YAML, messages)

LM: Anything new in the syntax?

JK: Haven’t been very clear on how we want to specify - introducing new separator. Some things to clean up on our side.

EF: To keep traceability - we need to manage a table?

RK: It’s a way to specify component in 1 string for e.g. error messages

JK: Can’t prevent a vendor from moving a component from Pack A to Pack B.

SH: Isn’t this a problem to share something with a colleague - how do we know we’re working on the same thing?

JK: Pack vendors responsibility to make sure the component(s) are identical.

EF: cprj file have the information but not able to link. Don’t know which pack a component is coming from.

JK: responsibility of the vendor to have unique components.

RK: Want to have this syntax string make it easier to select the component.

SH: Sounds like it could still be interesting to specify the pack version and name if you want it. Could be ignored if you don’t want to use it.

JK: If could ignore it then need to say what we do with it in each specific case.

DJ: 2 cases where it could be useful to have linkage with the pack:

  • Pack development files

  • Some files are implicitly contained in the pack (if we change those files)

RK: Only purpose here is a more compact representation of what the component is.

JK: Should revisit this discussion for the overall project YAML file.

(discussion about wildcards)

EF: Is there an issue open for this discussion?

JK: Will send out an email where you can find it [action Joachim]

Search Paths for packs/pack filter options

JK: Want to make sure we find answers

LM: Definitely something we need


EF: Links in previous slides for pack created by Amazon - there was no access. Are the packs published?

JK: Packs are attached as assets to the release.